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Dr. Abdel Fattah Farah

Dr. Abdel Fattah holds a PhD. in Economics, from Al Umdurman Islamic University; an MA in Economics from The University of Punjab; an MA in Islamic Studies from Sheikh Zayed Institute, Oriental College, University of Punjab; and a B.Sc. in Economics from The University of Khartoum; Dr. Abdel was also welcomed as a Visiting Research Fellow in Islamic Banking and Finance at the British universities of Birmingham, Exeter and Durham.


Dr. Ali Albaity

Dr. Ali M. Albaity is the Member of the Board of Standards of the International Academy of Financial Management.

Dr. Ali has attended more than 35 advanced and intensive training programs in International Capital Markets, International Money Markets, International Foreign Exchange Markets, as well as Islamic Banking, Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Private Banking, Correspondent Banking, and Electronic Banking in New York. Chicago, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Kuwait and Dubai at Internationally recognized and famous institutes.


Mr. Bruce Powers

Bruce Powers has been involved in the financial markets for the past 20 years and possesses a wealth of knowledge in the areas of trading, investing and technical analysis. Most recently Bruce was Senior Vice President of Arab Capital Markets Resource Center in Dubai, a financial research and consulting firm focused on the MENA financial markets and developing economy. The company was developed within Better Trends Group, Dubai, where Bruce was Vice President of Business Planning developing and reviewing projects in various sectors for rollout in the GCC countries.


Dr. Carlo Chalhoub

Dr Chalhoub is a Chartered Financial Analyst, with more than 9 years experience in investment management, investment advisory and financial markets regulation. Holds a M.Sc. in finance, the Derivatives Market Specialist designation from the Canadian Securities Institute, the Chartered Wealth Manager designation from the IAFM, successfully completed the Investment Advisors Training Program of National Bank Financial - Canada and the First student in Canada to realize the perfect mark of 100 % at the Options Strategies Exam.

Additionally, he holds a very large number of Investment Management Certifications from the Canadian Securities Institute. Throughout his career he has developed very deep knowledge of GCC and international financial markets.

Dr Chalhoub has worked with a number of banks in the Middle East including the Gulf Bank of Kuwait, ABN Ambro Bank and Bemo Bank of Beirut.

He has been a successful trainer in the Middle East and elsewhere over a number  of years and is able to combine his extensive business knowledge and experience into his training

His business development experience along with his fluency in Arabic, English and French contribute to the success of his training programs which are highly interactive and help improve the outcomes and profitability of the organization.


Mr. Daud Vicary Abdullah

Daud Vicary Abdullah is the Principal of DVA Consulting. Daud has been in the Finance and Consulting Industry for more than 35 years, with significant experience in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.  Since 2002 he has focused almost exclusively on Islamic Finance.


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