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Training Courses

CCM - Chartered Credit Manager

A designation for specialist credit analysts and managers working in the field of loan approvals

CAMO - Chartered Anti-Money Laundering Officer

The Chartered Anti-Money Laundering Officer designation is designed for professionals involved in the policing, review and reporting of transactional elements of financial institutions and corporations.

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CCFA - Chartered Compliance and Fraud Analyst

Chartered Compliance and Fraud Officer is a management programme designed to teach a practical understanding of regulatory compliance needs. The programme covers eight major subject areas and utilises a variety of training techniques. The key areas of the curriculum include understanding the regulatory environment, who is responsible for compliance, the role of corporate governance and ethics in compliance programmes, and the implementation of compliance programmes. The emphasis will be on practical and pragmatic approaches, rather than theoretical.

CCO - Certified Compliance Officer

The Certified Compliance Officer is a program designed for Corporate Officers who are responsible for implementation of compliance programs internally within their corporation. It has two program formats, one for listed companies, and the other for banks and financial institutions who require Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

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CICO - Certified Islamic Compliance Officer

The course is designed to provide an holistic overview of Islamic compliance. All professionals with responsibility for Islamic compliance will benefi t by attending, specifi cally: Shariah Compliance Offi ers and Managers Directors and Senior Managers Company Secretaries Compliance Professionals Risk Managers Legal Advisors and Lawyers In-House Corporate Counsel Auditors and Audit Managers

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ChPA - Chartered Portfolio Analyst

Focused on portfolio and fund management, research, portfolio technology, and investing, the ChPA program offers executives the tools to focus on specialist portfolio management techniques. It requires a minimum of 3 years experience, plus a career in Investment

CM&AS - Certified M&A Specialist

This program seeks to develop an in-depth knowledge of the key components involved in M&As, discover new and enhanced techniques in valuing firms, Increase the effectiveness of the different types of M&A processes, including defending hostile takeover bids. Those attending the program will also enhance their understanding of options available for financing M&As, and develop practical knowledge of the rules and regulations involving M&As applicable in their region. Case study review will look at M&As in the major global markets

MFM - Master Finance Manager

The Master Finance Manager is the pre-eminent financial manager qualification for specialists in the corporate finance arena. Specific focus is given to the regulatory environment, corporate governance, IAS and compliance standards.

Cost Estimation & Budget Control

Oracle Financial Training

CCC - Chartered Cost Controller

For specialist financial controllers or management accountants responsible for optimizing internal performance on a cost basis, and implementing operational strategies at a cost centre level.

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CCE - Chartered Corporate Economist

Chartered Corporate Economist offered by our Academic Board of Economic Policy and Monetary Analysis offers board recognition for contribution to corporate strategy and policy through Economic analysis. Requires 5 years experience, plus Economist education.

AFASMUE - Advanced Financial Analysis Skills & Modeling Using Excel

By attending the course, participants shall: *Improve the participants' skills in financial analysis techniques, and identify their applicability to assess the financial health of organizations *Understand the structure, interpretation and analysis of the key financial statements, the general accounting policies, principles and their applications (How to read financial statements?) *Understand the complete range of techniques for forecasting and projecting financial statements as well as to manage them *Analyze cutting edge techniques for estimating cost of capital and capital budgeting *Develop skills and an appreciation of the concept of shareholder value and its contemporary application to corporate performance *Learn concrete techniques that enable management to make truly informed decisions. financial Statement Analysis for Decision Making

Financial Modelling Using Excel

Financial Modelling Using Excel

Oracle Financial Training

Oracle Financial Training

CCF - Certified in Corporate Finance

The CCF designation is designed for Corporate Finance Executives wishing to consolidate their skills in strategic and executive finance techniques. It requires 5 years minimum commercial working experience.

CEMS - Certified Emerging Markets Specialist

This course Determine the essential macro-economic conditions that emerging markets need to fulfill to be considered attractive investment destinations.

CGA - Corporate Governance Auditor

This program and certification looks at Corporate Governance and the strong need for Ethics and Social Responsibility in the corporation, especially post Enron. The goal of this program is to provide Managers with skills that can be immediately used upon return to the organization. Managers will learn to appreciate the extent to which organizations and their public officers are exposed to ever-increasing scrutiny, the regulatory environment, how to identify the governance issues that have the most significance.

MIPP - Master of International Public Procurement

The role of the Procurement Department in Public Sector organisations is becoming increasingly important given the constraints that most Public Sector department have on costs. A well honed procurement department can, where cost control is so important, add considerable value to meeting the strategic objectives of the organisation by obtaining maximum value for procurement. The Master of International Public Procurement (MIPP) has been designed for public sector professionals that have already completed the Certified International Procurement Professional (CIPP). However, Public Sector procurement professionals that have more than five years procurement experience will benefit by undertaking the program. Although designed to address the needs of Public Sector professionals non Public Sector procurement professionals, particularly those that deal with the Public Sector, will benefit from the insights that this program presents in terms of the way that the Public Sector operates.

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CFPM - Certified Financial Project Manager

Project Management today embraces many different industry sectors including IT, building and construction, energy and telecommunications, roads and infrastructure, research and development and many other areas. The role of the project manager is constantly changing so that they are being required to play a greater role in the financial management, control and decision making in their projects. This is undertaken in a business environment that requires a high level of financial, business and project performance. In recognition of these changing demands on project managers the International Academy of Project Management (IAPM) has developed a specialised three day program specifically for project managers. Although the official program covers three days there is a requirement for a financial analysis of a project to be completed after the completion of the program. This highly interactive program has been specially designed to enhance project managers with an understanding of financial terminology and financial management techniques and how these can be applied to projects and project management in a business context. The program is non industry specific therefore the concepts discussed will apply equally to project managers from the public and private sectors as well as project

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Risk Analysis & Fraud Management

Risk Analysis & Fraud Management

CORMS - Chartered Operational Risk Management Specialist

Chartered Operational Risk Management Specialist

CRS - Chartered Risk Specialist

By attending this practical and informative course, you will be able to: Use risk analysis as a key business driver appreciate the benefits of accurate risk management Develop an integrated strategy for the identification, analysis, prioritization and mitigation of risk Comply with major risk management standards Successfully determine and avoid the common pitfalls in risk analysis Develop a comprehensive tool-kit for successful risk analysis that you can use immediately

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MRA - Master Risk Analyst

Senior Leadership Program and Designation for Risk Specialist with 10years+ experience

PCRS - Project and Contract Risk Specialist

By attending this executive course you will be able to: Understand the importance of projects in the contemporary organization Learn the critical impact of the project definition phase on the success of the project Explore the three areas of project development from a risk management perspective Understand the role of project stakeholders in all aspects of the project Discover how to embed the principles of risk management within the project management process and how to develop your own set of tools and techniques for optimizing project performanc

RBA - Risk Based Auditor

Heads of Audit, Audit Managers and Senior Auditors Auditors responsible for developing or implementing a risk based approach Other assurance professionals such as those in Compliance and QA functions who are wanting to develop their Risk Based Approach Managers and Directors of business functions to aid their knowledge of a risk based audit approach.

Improving Management Performance

Improving Management Performance


Most of the world's economy is comprised of family controlled firms. It was noted, in a recent survey by a renowned consultancy firm, that the majority of family business owners would like to see their business transferred to the next generation, it is estimated that 70% will not survive into the 2nd generation and 90% will not make it to the 3rd generation. This 5-day program addresses the special issues of family enterprises, including succession plan, governance, strategy, family characteristics, culture and philanthropy. The course will benefit those from business-owning families who aspire to be their own family wealth manager as well as their financial advisors. This is a highly intensive and practical focused course that will involve lots of case study analysis, group discussions, assignments and presentations on new ideas in family enterprise and wealth.

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CMA - Capital Markets Analyst

The Capital Markets Analyst is the specialized research and market technician financial analyst credential that is offered by the IABFM.

MIFP - Master Islamic Financial Professional

The preeminent Islamic Finance qualification. Issued in association with the Islamic Institute of Financial Management for practicing specialists in Islamic Finance.

RWM - Registered Wealth Manager

Covering financial planning, asset management, investment advising, and insurance topics, the RWM is the entry-level qualification on IAFM's Wealth Management program. It is a pre-requisite course for the CWM designation.

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