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The International Academy of Busienss and Financal Management ( IABFM ) is a not for profit Hong Kong based organisation that was originally formed in 2004 to provide a range of certified training programs. From its foundations in Hong Kong the IABFM (as it now known) has developed into the most prestigious training and certification groups in the world and has had clients from more than 150 countries. From our initial training of finance and wealth management programs we have widened our offerings to include project management, supply chain, procurement and human resources. We now cover 5 continents and in early 2021 the IABFM will be opening an office in Brazil. Our membership base increases by more than 25% a year and we are expanding our range of services to meet the needs of our members.

Since 2016 there have been a number of exciting major initiatives. We are now offering programs in Australia and New Zealand and more recently in the USA and have since taken over management operations of our African operations through our subsidiary, IABFM Africa. In the US we have formed a business relationship with the world’s largest international compensation specialist organisations and have run a number of programs in compensation training. These programs are offered throughout the US and throughout the international network of the organisation that has a presence in most countries.

We continue to expand our full range of wealth management programs and these became available in the US earlier this year and have grown in popularity ever since. This expansion provides wealth management professionals with programs such as our new Certified Family Wealth Manager that is the first family wealth management developed specifically to meet the needs of family businesses. It is being offered in conjunction with one of the leading US family business related bodies. We introduced our project management and logistics and supply chain management programs at the beginning of 2015 and they continue to be accepted with great success. Given that our Hong Kong office operates in a significantly different time zone we have also opened an office in Los Angeles to meet our US client needs.

In keeping with our specialised program practice areas that were introduced in 2013 we have appointed Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in each of these areas that will be responsible for ensuring the quality control and content of all of our programs. In addition, their role will be to provide an interface with the professional bodies for each practice area to ensure that our courses are up to date and meet “best practice” in the area.

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