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Publications & Articles

Publications & Articles

IABFM Publications & Articles is a collection of professional articles related to finance and relevant industries.

Latest Publications

The research: the carry trade and fundamentals

by Oscar Jorda
Date Published : 2010-01-06

The carry trade is the investment strategy of going long in high-yield target currencies and short in low-yield funding currencies. Recently, this na...Download publication

Lebanon This Week

by Byblos Bank
Date Published : 2009-12-22

Reforming electricity sector is essential for stability of public finances, debt could decline to 120% of GDP by 2014 if primary surplus rises to 4.5...Download publication

Lebanon This Week

by Byblos Bank
Date Published : 2009-12-14

Lebanon ranks 127th globally, 91st among developing economies for its economic growth environment....Download publication

Investment Themes_December 2009 Themebook-Key Summary

by Standard Chartered Research
Date Published : 2009-12-02

Government policies remain pro-growth. See opportunities in Dubai crisis....Download publication

Lebanon this week

by Byblos Bank
Date Published : 2009-11-16

Lebanon ranks 92nd worldwide, 8th in MENA region in the management of natural resources...Download publication

Latest Articles


by Michael Preiss
Date Published : 2017-03-12

IABFM... Read More

A literature Review of Non-Financial Reporting by Corporations

by Brenda Yang
Date Published : 2015-11-04