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Our Professional Development Philosophy

The IABFM was founded by industry professionals for industry professionals, so our programmes are designed with primary focus on Return on Human Investment (ROHI) and the flexibility to adjust to our client’s Staff, organization and customers. Additionally, we use a variety of methods and approaches to ensure that we teach our students competencies and not just theory. The main goal is to ensure that our trainees come out of the training program we conduct more effective at their job than before they attended our training.

To ensure that our customers can be confident that they will receive highly competent and up to date training and exercises we put together very demanding selection criteria for our facilitators.

Facilitator Selection Criteria

Every facilitator who will work with IABFM has to be carefully selected and assessed prior to conducting a training program.

A facilitator has to have and be able to demonstrate the following achievements and skills:

  1. Either an MBA or a PhD in the area of expertise
  2. Previous experience of public speaking/ coaching/ mentoring/ training
  3. Excellent presentation skills
  4. 5 or more years of experience in a Senior Management Position in related industry
  5. Six month annual industry work to maintain awareness of the real world (this could include consultancy and implementation projects)
  6. International Employment
  7. Cultural Awareness
  8. Flair for coaching and training

Preferences will be given to candidates who have researched and published industry related articles or books.

Facilitators will be trained to deliver our programs by authors of the program content and master trainers. Facilitators will be expected to maintain the main message and adhere to achievement of the important objectives of each program. Each program is designed to be more work and job application orientated rather than academic content heavy – this is IABFM competitive advantage over other training providers.

Facilitators should be able to give practical job related advice from previous experience in the process of delivering programs, should these questions arise from the audience.

Facilitators can and should be encouraged to communicate with the client organisation directly in the scenario when customization of the program is required. Facilitators can alter case studies in program content to suit customization requirements and reflect on industry or client related specific issues.

Some facilitators maybe approached by IABFM to become members of the Curriculum Development Committees and maybe offered a retainer for continuous programme content development and updates .

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