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GRCM - Governance Risk and Compliance Management
Start Date: 02 Dec 2019

Events in the post 2008 financial crisis era have clearly revealed the inadequacy of risk management in many organisations. Organisations continue to be concerned about the risk environment, leading them to reassess the effectiveness and adequacy of the internal controls in place to manage their risks. This situation, together with a rise in complexity and regulation, is putting a strain on how organisations govern themselves. Management is expected to enhance oversight and transparency while simultaneously driving performance and profitability. Boards of directors are also facing stakeholder demands for more accountability in their organisation’s governance systems, as well as delivering ongoing success. In this context, resilience is the key to organisational survival. Organisations need to achieve a robust balance of governance, risk management and compliance. Siloed approaches to managing GRC mean that the Board and management find it difficult to obtain a holistic view of how their organisation is managing risk and have found it increasingly difficult to obtain the right information for decision making. In this 5-day program participants will learn how to develop and implement processes that identify, measure, monitor, control and mitigate risks across the enterprise, ranging from failures in governance, risk management and compliance risks emanating from the strategy setting at BOD level, all the way through the risks caused by external and non-controllable events. The workshop will also cover the formation of a GRC framework that integrates risk management processes, compliance policies/regulation as well as governance with effective strategy execution so that your company can continue to follow highly innovative strategies, while simultaneously anticipating and mitigating the inherent risks.

Duration: 5 Days

Speaker(s): TBC

Location: Dubai

Provider: International Academy of Business and Financial Management

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