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Press Releases for the year 2020

Press Releases issued by the Academy, by members and partners in 2008-2009 appear below.

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Upcoming Online Programs

May 15, 2020

We advised recently that we had developed a number of online courses to meet the needs of our clients while many countries reemain in lockdown.  The following are some of the programs that we are offering, in addition to our established award winning certified programs.  Dates for these programs can be seen on our calendar on this webpage. 

·         Anti Money Laundering (AML)·         Compliance Training Essentials·         Corporate Governance·         Cybercrime and Digital Risk·         Financial Crimes Investigation·         Financial Crimes Prevention and International Sanctions·         Fraud Risk·         Governance for Directors (Banking Orientation)·         KYC Due Diligence (Banking Orientation)·         Data Protection

More information about each of these courses can be obtained from [email protected]

COVID -19 Update. How We Confront the Crisis

April 22, 2020

The spread of COVID - 19 to most countries in the world has been rapid and far faster than most people, including the World Health Organisation, had anticipated.  Many people have been impacted and, regrettably, many thousands have died.  A number of countries have dictated that business and households go into lockdown for a period of time to ameliorate the spread of the virus and there has been a trend in many countries for employees to work from home rather than risk the possibility of being infected.  New concepts such as social distancing have been introduced to achieve the same end.  Few airlines are operating, other than a very limited service, and this is often in response to countries closing their borders to all other than nationals returning to their own country.   Some countries, for example Australia, have indicated that their borders may be closed until the end of the year or even beyond.

As many organisations are continuing to operate and others will eventually be in operation it is still essential that they have a trained workforce to cater for their stakeholder needs.  For this reason the IABFM is making its award winning certified training programs available online.  We already have some of our programs available online but will, within the next 4 weeks, have most of them available.  Even better news is that we are offering a completely new set of programs that will enhance the programs we currently have available.  In the next 4 weeks we be advising of the courses we have available and when they will be conducted.  Online learning may not appeal to some organisations but the reality is that governments are closing borders and mandating other restrictions to protect their citizens.  IABFM online learning is there to fill the gap. 

Further information can be obtained from [email protected]


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2020-04-22 COVID -19 Update. How We Confront the Crisis
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