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Welcome to 2018 to all of the IABFM members. The coming year looks even more exciting than 2017, which was a year of challenges and, at the same time, showed what our new markets, particularly those in Africa are capable of.

2017 saw the establishment of two International Academy of Business and Financial Management Africa (IABFMA) offices that, between them, delivered more than 60 programs across the full spectra of our training programs. One of the obvious strengths of the IABFM is the very extensive range of training programs supported by excellent faculty. Projections for 2018 show the number of programs we are offering will be doubled as both the Johannesburg and Nairobi offices expand the number of Relationship Managers to meet the needs of our expanding market. Our expansion is the result of increasing the number of training programs through offering existing programs in new markets and by offering a range of new programs in both new and existing markets. Combine this with the superior expertise of our faculty, the continuing review of our material and genuine certification that is supported by external accreditation of our programs has kept us well ahead of competitors in the African markets. We have warned members that there are unscrupulous African based organisations that have plagiarised our materials and are offering certification that is sold over the Internet.

The overall performance of our licensees/partners continues to encourage as the number of programs offered in the MENA region by Leoron Professional Development Institute continues to increase as do the offerings in other markets such as South East Asia, Australasia and through our affiliations with US organisations where we run a large number of programs in accounting and finance. We would like to remind Members, and potential members, that many of our forthcoming programs are shown on our website. You can find out about any of these programs by contacting our hotline,,. Your enquiry will be passed on to the appropriate partner organisation for them to follow up.

Although we see 2018 as a challenging year the number of programs that we have already run, together with our 2018 projections indicates that our strategy of superior faculty, superior and up to date programs and genuine certification is yielding beneficial results to all our members.

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Yours sincerely

Geoffrey H J Baring

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