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Governance Structure

The IABFM™ is a professional association governed by an advisory Board of standards and a membership code of ethics and standards of practice. The IABFM™ operates as a 'society' or non-profit association, with the members of the local or regional chapter making up the 'owners' of the society. At all times the IABFM™ and its members are accountable to the community and to the Board of Standards.

The Academy leadership has three governance components:

  1. The Advisory Board, which controls and governs the standards and criteria for issuing of professional designations and the curriculum requirements,
  2. A Board of Management which manages the commercial training operations of the IABFM™ network and revenue generating activities, and
  3. A Board of Governors who acts as a non-executive super-board and oversees policy decisions in relation to the membership

All members and executives are subject to a Code of Ethics which governs the proper operation of the association, and is designed to contribute positively to the global finance sector and the operation of publicly listed and private corporations.

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