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Press Releases for the year 2010

Press Releases issued by the Academy, by members and partners in 2008-2009 appear below.

Press Releases generally approved for release on the association websites include:

  • News about the membership
  • Announcement of events for members and candidates
  • News about our members in the press where IABFM™ is mentioned
  • Formal announcements
  • Tie ups or collaboration with other associations or government bodies
  • Changes to the board governance structure

If you have a press-release you would like displayed on the member's website, please submit to [email protected].

Trainers Required

October 14, 2010

The IAFM is continuing to expand its professional base throughout the world.  As a result we have the requirement for additional professional trainers for the delivery of accredited IAFM in most disciplines.


If you have a specialty in any areas of IAFM designation please feel free to contact us.  Most of our programs are conducted in English.  However, for the Middle East we need the additional skills of Arabic speakers and in China we need Putonghua speakers.


For further information contact the IAFM Chief Executive Officer Geoffrey Baring at [email protected].

PRESS RELEASE - Australian

August 2, 2010

The IAFM is pleased to announce that it is continuing to expand its operations and has recently signed an agreement with a Melbourne based company that will provide a permanent presence in Australia.  As from the 1st August the International Academy of Financial Management has established itself in Melbourne to service the east coast of Australia with another branch to be opened in Perth before the end of the year to provide services to the capital of Western Australia with emphasis on the mining and oil and gas industries.

An additional feature of the Australian organisation is that it can facilitate professionals and skilled tradesmen seeking to obtain employment in Australia.  This is a service that is in high demand given the chronic shortage of personnel, particularly in the mining and oil and gas industries.  In addition to our training and development programs the range of services offered include placement, migration advice through our registered professionals, facilitation of visas and assistance on arrival.

For a discussion of IAFM programs and services in Australia please contact:

Dr Michael Fletcher on +61 3 8742 3887

CWM_PP_20 June

July 1, 2010


Chartered Wealth Manager


20th June 2010

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