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Goals and Objectives

In the face of the global financial crisis and the failure of global institutions such as Lehman Brothers, and with fraud and criminal actions perpetrated by well known industry professionals, there has never been a greater opportunity to improve the base standards of the finance sector and governance of listed companies.

Through industry thought leadership, skill-based competency training, education on ethics and standards, and commentary in the press on local and regional issues, the IABFM™ Board of Standards seeks to positively influence participation in the finance industry.

Our Mission Statement includes:

  • Assist in the professional, executive training, and social development of financial professionals interested in investments, financial planning, corporate finance, estate planning, asset management, risk assessment and management, corporate governance, anti-money laundering, and market and financial analysis. This includes the perspectives of economics, political-legal environmental issues; NGOs; and private enterprises.
  • Promote and protect the integrity of the IABFM™ Membership, Training, and Designations both nationally and internationally.
  • Provide a structure for interaction between members and the professional financial community, business executives, government finance officials, and finance related academic professionals.
  • Enhance employment opportunities for IABFM™ Members at all levels via networking, training, and outreach.
  • To continue to grow internationally with specialized on-site executive training available through approved local providers.

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