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Mr. Michael Preiss

Trainer and Chair of Board of Governors for Emerging Markets at International Academy of Business and Financial Management


Mr. Preiss was born in Germany and raised in Switzerland.  He currently resides in Singapore.


Mr. Preiss has 17 years experience in global financial markets have worked in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore in various investment and research functions.   He held senior positions with HSBC Private Bank as well as Standard Chartered Bank . Most recently Mr. Preiss served as Chief Equity Strategist with Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore. 


At present he runs two hedge funds and asset management firms in Mongolia ( ) and in Africa (


In addition he is a board member and economic advisor to Ceylon Asset Management in Sri Lanka (


Mr. Preiss is a graduate of the European Business School with a major in Finance and international economics, having studied at the schools centers in London, Paris and Bologna, Italy in the respective local languages. In addition he studied in Japan, Korea, and China. In 1989 during the height of the Japanese Stock Market he lived a year in Japan with a local host family as an AFS (American Field Service) exchange student.


Mr. Preiss is a  regular guest commentator on Bloomberg TV, CNBC Asia and columnist for various finance magazines around the world.


Mr. Preiss has taught extensively on Finance and Wealth Management in Asia, Middle East and Africa.  He has also been an guest lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong where he taught on Technical Analysis as well as a course on Banking & Financial Institutions with a focus on China's Financial System. In Singapore he taught a course on Credit Derivatives at SMU (Singapore Management University)


Mr. Preiss has also been invited to teach and has designed courses for The Graduate School of The People's Bank of China, China's Central Bank. 


Dr. Michael S. Fletcher

Dr Fletcher was born in New Zealand and has an extensive educational background with specialisation in the fields of educational management, human resources management and logistics.  In addition he is a specialist in "working with China" given his more than 15 years experience of working and living in China and Hong Kong.  He has developed specialist programs for companies wishing to set up or trade with China and has authored a book entitled "How to Avoid Being Burnt by the Dragon".


Mr. Peter Edward WELCH

Mr. Welch is a renowned finance and teaching/training expert with over 30 years of professional experience. All throughout his professional life, he has focused on topics including, but not limited to accounting, internal audit and risk assessment, internal control, treasury and auditing. He started his career as an accountant at the British Diplomatic Service / Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London, and then held other private-sector senior accounting roles before, in 1979, moving to the USA, where he worked mostly in the above-mentioned fields of specialization.


Mr. Philippe Paillart

Former Board Member of Citibank Germany, Standard Chartered Bank, Ford Financial Services and DBS Bank, and current Partner of MOTET, the International Banking Advisory Partnership

Mr Philippe Paillart is chief executive officer and president of SIN RONG, an investment and advisory company based in Singapore, and operating in Europe, Asia and Australia, as well as a partner of MOTET, an international advisory group focusing on financial services. He created Citibank Personal Banking, served on the board of Citibank Germany and Standard Chartered Bank, and was chairman and CEO of Ford Credit and Ford Financial Services. He has also served as CEO and vice chairman of DBS Bank


Dr. Sebastian Bombaci

Dr. Sebastian Bombaci is a senior business development professional with the last 10 years focusing on the establishment and development of new business channels primarily in the financial services and the IT&T industries (with experience in Hong Kong, China and Singapore and exposure to Indonesia and Malaysia).

He is also the Chairman of the Business Management Committee (BMC) of CPA Australia Hong Kong China Division and a member of the HKICPA Accountancy Accreditation Board.


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