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Advisory Board

The advisory board of standards is primarily made up of volunteer participation from industry leaders and academics who wish to contribute positively to industry and standards development and globally includes more than 50 professionals of the highest calibre, led by an elected Board of Governors.

The Honorary Advisory Board for IABFM™ is composed of 50 member professionals including faculty from several universities, financial executives and managers, lawyers, judges, and world renowned financial planning practitioners. 10 Doctorate level professionals sit on our academic committee overseeing standards and ethics. IABFM™ was begun by executives and faculty to provide financial education and certification worldwide through the use of executive training. IABFM'S Board of Standards is a honorary voluntary board that creates the standards for professional membership and charter board certifications. IABFM™ owns the intellectual property, copyrights, designations, and marks used herein.

Curriculum Development & Assessment Committees

Retail Financial Services

  1. Michael Armstrong (C)
  2. Michael Preiss
  3. Brett King

Risk and Operations

  1. Martin Davies
  2. Hans Buettner

Corporate Finance

  1. Geoff Baring (C)
  2. Sebastian Bombaci
  3. Dr. Richard Petty
  4. Martin Davies

Management and Strategy

  1. Brett King (C)
  2. Geoff Bye
  3. Geoff Baring

Compliance, Fraud and AML

  1. Osama Al Rahma (C)
  2. Samuel Lohman
  3. Martin Davies
  4. Geoff Baring

Capital Markets

  1. Michael Armstrong (C)
  2. Michael Preiss
  3. Brett King
  4. Martin Davies

Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Project Management

  1. Michael Fletcher
  2. Matt Harrison
  3. Brenda Yang

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