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About Mr. Martin Davies

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Martin Davies is a principal consultant risk based banking SME and a managing partner within the business solutions competency at Causal Capital. He specialises in designing risk measurement and management systems with a particular focus on regulatory capital frameworks. He has more than 10 years experience developing bespoke knowledge / workflow and scorecard solutions for financial institutions in both strategic and processing areas of the business. At the Commonwealth Bank of Australia he contributed to the risk program by running the demarcation project for measuring arbitrage between credit and operational risk and a recent engagement saw him with group risk at Suncorp Metway, where he was pioneering the design of the AMA capital framework. Currently he specialises in developing risk solutions and works with loss data, control assessments, indicator systems and scenario analysis, with a particular focus on banking processes, systems and products.

He is a risk commentary journalist for PRMIA (the global risk organisation) and you can access his journal at the following address:

Martin is proactively entertaining divergent risk theories / techniques, has published several papers and delivered speeches on the use of quantification instruments for risk with a good focus on managing fraud, anti money laundering and business continuity to assist banks reduce negative impact from outages.

Recent interest envelopes the ability to dimension type II curves, particularly for use in economic capital models. He holds a Train-The-Trainer and project management certificate, has been invited to present at several conferences throughout South East Asia and has extensive experience delivering complex material to a varied set of participants. In September 2006 he chaired the Singapore Op Risk Congress and in November 2006 he presented and chaired the Indian Auditors Forum in Delhi. More recently he worked with a regulator in the Middle East to present risk based regulation to a large group of risk and banking participants. In addition to his risk knowledge, he has vast experience across the entire retail and corporate banking space from loans to transactional accounts and he understands both front and back office areas of the division. He has worked with initiatives such as delinquency management on revolving lines of credit and also has exposure to both business lending, restructuring as well as with investment products. He reviews risk in a holistic manner with a special emphasis on business process redesign and process/product measurement for entire customer portfolios and channels of the bank.

Martin heads up the company as the managing director, he is also the lead designer for the Causal Capital risk product suit which involves the delivery and alignment of the risk solutions to the local banking community across South East Asia. His current ongoing project is running a capital market feasibility study for a stock exchange in an Islamic country, assisting the exchange construct a new energy risk instrument. The project will take in the full end-to-end cap and trade cycle as well as the economic factors that effect the market as a whole. This is an exciting piece of work which touches many diverse facets of merchant banking, lending and government based policy. It is a big credit to Martin's dedicated ongoing research in capital markets, risk and the banking community as whole.

Specialized in: Certified Risk Analyst
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