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Q1: How long before I receive my official certificate?

Certificate processing normally takes a minimum of 6-8 weeks.

Q2: When can I start to use my designation?

Immediately you receive confirmation of the acceptance of your membership or you have successfully completed a recognized executive program.

Q3: What are the requirements for membership as a 'Fellow' or to receive a IABFM professional designation?

The primary method of certification is the completion of a recognized IABFM training program through BISYS International, Dearborn Kaplan, BSI, IIR Worldwide or one of our other numerous Executive training providers. In exceptional circumstances, the IABFM Board of Standards may offer exemption from course and assessment criteria. Board review is required for advanced standing qualifications, but the following are some of the criteria for exemption status:

(a) An AACSB or ACBSP Financial Related Degree,
(b) Vast professional experience (in excess of 10 years),
(c) MBA/MASTERS or Law Degree, PhD, or CPA, Recognized Designations, & specialization work
(d) Banking or insurance executives with vast experience (in excess of 10 years), or
(e) Professors and Academic Researchers (tenured)

Q4: What are the requirements for membership as an 'Affiliate'?

If an individual working in the finance industry or as a financial professional has one of the following qualifications, they’ll immediately qualify for status as an Affiliate Member:

(a) An AACSB or ACBSP Financial Related Degree,
(b) Professional experience (at least 4 years), or
(c) Academic Researchers.

Q5: How are the membership and certification fees used?

Fees generated through certification, membership and other activities are all invested back into the development of the network and the membership. The Board of Standards has committed to a long term non-profit focus so that growth of the academy membership can be maximized.

Q6: How many members are in the International Academy of Business and Financial Management?

The IABFM has grown quickly and as of 2002 recognized over 20,000 PhDs, Lawyers, CPAs, AACSB Graduates & Masters Degree Holders as executive members in over 101 nations. IABFM takes pride in holding a membership with superior qualifications, experience, and designations. The IABFM has stated that it wishes to grow that membership to 50,000 by the end of 2007 and current growth is tracking against that objective.

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