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Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership and Certification by IABFM™

Membership Growth and Activity

  • Membership Growth-In 2009 IABFM expects to grow our membership by approximately 8000 new members in Asia, Middle-East and Europe. In percentage growth terms, this makes us one of the fastest growing professional associations in the world
  • Greater cooperation with regulators and official bodies-In the last three years, IABFM has worked hard to establish relationships with leading bodies such as the Dubai International Financial Centre, Qatar Financial Centre, Capital Markets Authority, Monetary Authority of Singapore, the Labor Department of the Chinese government and many others
  • Improved Networking opportunities-IABFM continues to conduct Networking Events for our members in Dubai, Kuwait, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and elsewhere to provide opportunities for members to meet, collaborate, find job opportunities, negotiate deals and network.
  • Improved Member Services-2008 has seen the launch of new member packs for certified professionals, improved online platform for members to download articles and publications, the launch of monthly e-newsletters and collaboration with job search firms for connecting members to career opportunities.
  • Moving Further Afield-IABFM continues to grow our network of accredited providers or partners. New chapters have or are been launched in Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, China and India
  • More than 140 countries-Members in 145 countries, and articulation agreements with accreditation agencies and 560 business schools globally make us one of the broadest connected new professional associations in the world.

What can the International Academy do for you?

Good question! The IABFM is an association set up by professionals for professionals, so we are constantly working on improving the services, features and content available to IABFM members. Here's how we can help:

  • Don't try this at home- I'm a certified professional.
    When you complete a IABFM designation program, you get a post-nominal designation you can use on your business card, resume, email signature and other personal collateral
  • Show me the money baby!
    Salary surveys of certified versus non-certified professionals show more than half of our recently certified membership can expect a pay increase of 10-25% within one year of achieving their IABFM qualification. The increase in average salary figures means that even if you pay for the training program yourself the return on investment is typically 2.3 to 1.
  • Time for a change? I'm looking for a new job.
    IABFM has access to a network of professional executive search agencies, professional recruitment companies, job boards and social networks that can accelerate your search for your next career milestone. We can also provide a reference letter, and access to job postings online thru the member's site.
  • Help! I know it must be out there somewhere?
    There are times your boss will ask you to prepare a proposal, a business case, a report or a financial model that challenges your Excel skills to the limit, that's where we can help. The IABFM has asked our speakers, experts, members and researchers to gather the best practice templates, documents, and excel models for use by our members

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