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CRS - Certified Risk Specialist
Start Date: 19 Jun 2023

This program is designed for many different types of risk specialist, managers and audit staff. It covers the entire risk management landscape drawing on different aspects of risk and delivers complex topics in an easy to understand manner. By attending this practical and informative course, you will be able to use risk analysis as a key business driver, appreciate the benefits of accurate risk management, develop an integrated strategy for the identification, analysis, prioritisation and mitigation of risk, comply with major risk management standards, successfully determine and avoid the common pitfalls in risk analysis and develop a comprehensive tool-kit for successful risk analysis that you can use immediately.

Duration: 19528 Days

Speaker(s): TBC

Location: Online

Provider: International Academy of Business and Financial Management

ICALS - International Certificate in Advanced Leadership Skills
Start Date: 02 Jul 2023

Leadership is not something people are just born with, leadership can be learnt. All around the world businesses are realizing the power of great leadership. They realize the value it brings to the business and to individuals and they are recognizing the significant costs of poor leadership too! Leadership provides the motivation, incentive and desire that leads teams and people to deliver extraordinary, world class productivity, commitment and quality of service. Becoming a great leader can make a very significant difference to your career. Great leadership is felt by everyone around you, becoming a Performance Leader means that others will not only follow you but want to follow you, want to do great work and want to be part of your high performing team. The outcome of great leadership then is success....become a great leader now.

Duration: 19541 Days

Speaker(s): TBC

Location: On-line

Provider: International Academy of Business and Financial Management

CORP - Certified Operational Risk Professional
Start Date: 10 Jul 2023

The certified operational risk course is a five day intensive workshopwhich deals with all aspects of measuring and managing operational risk. Some of the key areas include | Business Continuity |Basel II Regulation | ISO 31000 | Bayesian approaches for quantifying exposure | COSO explained | Extreme Value Theory | Scenario Analysis | How to build an effective scorecard for operational risk and much more.

Duration: 19549 Days

Speaker(s): TBC

Location: London

Provider: International Academy of Business and Financial Management

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