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CERM - Certified Enterprise Risk Manager
Start Date: 19 Aug 2019

Risk management, historically, has been a siloed and subordinated business function as many companies treated it as part of their compliance and internal controls responsibilities. Global events during the past five years, however, have clearly revealed the inadequacy in risk management resulting in high cost due to this compartmentalized approach. Companies that continue to treat risk management as subordinate to strategy put their strategy and their very survival in jeopardy. This customised workshop is designed for corporate leaders to examine how companies can protect themselves, with enterprise-wide risk management, from the dire consequences of uncertain and unexpected events. This 5-day program will illustrate, through actual company examples, effective enterprise risk management processes that address the multiple ways in which strategies and enterprises can fail. Participants will learn how to develop and implement processes that anticipate, prioritize, mitigate, communicate and manage risks across the enterprise, ranging from failures in risk management and internal controls through risks emanating from the strategy, all the way through the risks caused by external and non-controllable events. The workshop will also cover the formation of enterprise risk management framework that integrates your risk management processes with effective strategy execution so that your company can continue to follow highly innovative strategies, while simultaneously anticipating and mitigating the inherent risks.

Duration: 5 Days

Speaker(s): TBC

Location: Kigali

Provider: International Academy of Business and Financial Management

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