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India Growth Story (May 2007) | General
by Shail Mehta

India has come out with robust growth of around 9%, is it because of reforms? Or global payer? Or is it our loose fiscal and monetary policy? What are the fundamental changes which are responsible for India's rapid growth? ...[ Read More ]

Best Practices for Implementing a Home-Based Servicing Solution (January 2007) | General
by Jack Beldon

Good customer service is a crucial element in customer retention, but in-house call centers can be one of a company's largest expenses.

Outsourcing customer service to off-shore companies will substantially reduce costs, but at the risk of customer resentment and dissatisfaction.

...[ Read More ]

IPDK The Institute of Professional Development Limited IPD (January 2007) | General
by General

The Institute of Professional Development Limited IPD - Description of Hong Kong Training ...[ Read More ]

The Asian Banker (January 2007) | General
by General Article

The Asian Banker is a research and intelligence company dedicated to providing incisive and up-to-date information and analysis on strategic developments in the financial services industry. ...[ Read More ]

International Institute of Research (IIR) (January 2007) | General
by General Article

In 20 successful years, the Institute for International Research (IIR) has evolved into a dynamic firm with a global network of companies doing business in over 30 countries and has partnered with AAFM for over 5 years to provide quality executive training in the Middle East, GCC, Europe and other... ...[ Read More ]

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