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Certified Family Wealth Professional (June 2013) | Wealth Management
by Geoffrey Baring

Certified Family Wealth Professional

A New Cutting Edge Wealth Management Program from IABFM

Wealth Management and Family Owned Business

...[ Read More ]

Wealth Management Trends In Africa (October 2012) | Wealth Management

IABFM ...[ Read More ]

Behaviorally-Based Budgeting – Or Will You Miss your Forecasts - Again (August 2008) | Wealth Management
by Dr. E. Ted Prince

It’s that time of the year at least for those companies who have a December fiscal year. Financial managers and budget officers will be doing their usual thing to get the budgets together. They will be working with managers on the business side to pare, slash, tweak or even discard them. In so doing they will draw on a variety of approaches ranging form the “scientific”, the intuitive and the forensic. Their approach will, or should be, to come up with a budget that they think most accurately reflects what is going to happen. ...[ Read More ]

China Economic and Wealth Management Summit - Wealth Management - It's personal™ (October 2006) | Wealth Management
by Brett King and John Jarrett

As China banks and financial institutions engage in the lucrative wealth management sector, high-net worth individuals in China are going to start being besieged with phone calls and contacts from financial planning and wealth management sales teams all vying for their investment capital. What are the key issues for Financial Planning Managers and technical investment consultants to focus on in this growing sector? ...[ Read More ]


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