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Business acumen: a critical concern of modern leadership development (October 2008) | Corporate Governance
by Dr. E. Ted Prince

Corporations assess executives for just about every competency except business acumen – arguably the one most valued by shareholders and profit-making companies.

But a sea change is taking place. Several new factors – involving the discipline of leadership development and external economic factors – are driving the realization that leadership development needs to focus specifically on business acumen. ...[ Read More ]

Where was Corporate Governance in the Run-up to the Credit Crisis? And What it Means for Financial Managers (October 2008) | Corporate Governance
by Dr. E. Ted Prince

We are undergoing one of the biggest financial crises since the Great Depression. This crisis follows hard on the heels of the Long-Term Capital management debacle in 1998 and the Enron debacle of the early 2000’s. Wasn’t Sarbanes Oxley supposed to fix all this? Wasn’t good corporate governance the new mantra for the 21st century? How come with the biggest corporate governance push of all time, we are now in yet another financial crisis? Is there any possibility that these two trends could be linked? ...[ Read More ]

The SMB CEO Challenges in a Globalised World (May 2008) | Corporate Governance
by Lincoln Rosa, Fábio Pires, Fatima Porcaro, Fatima Torres

The search for new skills is difficult because of the space and time offered in the SMB model of work. In this case, the manager plays several roles simultaneously and thus does not have a substitute for that spent time, fundamental, which would be available searching for new solutions. Only the technology can help break this factor and then the second barrier appears: resources. 

...[ Read More ]


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