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Practical Corporate International Tax Compliance (August 2008) | Accounting
by Dr. George L. Salis with host Peter J. Loughlin, Esq.

An Exclusive Interview with Dr. George L. Salis ...[ Read More ]

Tax Year 2006 - United States Tax Changes or Enhancements (March 2007) | Accounting
by IRS US Tax Service

Tax Year 2006 - United States Tax Changes or Enhancements ...[ Read More ]

Did we learn the lesson from Enron: Who will be next? (December 2006) | Accounting
by Prof. Geoffrey Baring

We have a plethora of laws, standards and regulations in relation to financial reporting. Why? So that investors/stakeholders are supposedly provided with a superior quality of information that will enable them to make better informed judgments about the financial viability of potential investments. So if this is the objective of all of the rules and regulations, what happened to Enron? ...[ Read More ]


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