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Terminated Employees in the Investment Banking and Financial Services Industries May Be Entitled to Recover Their Unpaid Bonuses (October 2008) | Financial Services Sector
by David S. Rich and Barry R. Lax

Under New York law, a terminated employee may pursue, among other claims, causes of action for breach of express and implied contract, quantum meruit, and violation of Article 6 of the New York Labor Law against his or her employer for failing to compensate the employee for bonuses owed to him or her, even where no agreement to pay bonuses is set forth in writing. ...[ Read More ]

FischerJordan White Paper Predicts Instant Credit Card Kiosks are the Next Step for Credit Card Issuers (January 2007) | Financial Services Sector
by Zoltan Ambrus

The self-service industry has come a long way since the introduction of gumball machines and postcard dispensing machines back in the 1880s. ...[ Read More ]


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