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Should Financial Managers go Green? (July 2008) | Financial Management
by Dr. E. Ted Prince

Traditionally being green has been seen as increasing costs. The stereotypical financial manager has seen environmentalism and carbon credits as increasing costs over the longer-term and as reducing margins. How should financial managers address these issues now in an age of ultra-high energy costs, new programs for carbon credits and of the triple bottom line? ...[ Read More ]

The Oil Crisis and the Role of Financial Managers (June 2008) | Financial Management
by Dr. E. Ted Prince

Crises the size and extent of the current oil crisis do not occur often. When they do they disrupt existing business models of many if not most companies, as is happening now. These changes will result in many companies failing. Many will founder. Some will figure out how to address the crisis because they have seen it as an opportunity.  ...[ Read More ]

The Role of CFOs in Improving Business Acumen (April 2008) | Financial Management
by Dr. E. Ted Prince

This article shows how a new innovation in financial management  – assessment and development of business acumen in managers - promises to revolutionize selection and development of financial managers. In the light of the financial crises sweeping through most economies, the issue of business acumen is now taking becoming an issue of critical importance that CFOs simply cannot ignore. ...[ Read More ]

2007: Cause & effect in financial markets (April 2007) | Financial Management
by Michael Preiss

As we contemplate the investment outlook for 2007, it pays to look back and remember that financial markets have an incredible capacity for reacting to news and economic developments in a way that confounds market professionals and casual observers alike – the only difference being the latter will admit to being confused, while the former will quickly come up with a few dusty rationalizations. ...[ Read More ]

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