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Outlook 2011: We are in the third super-cycle (January 2011) | Economics
by Michael Preiss

As we approach 2011, the global macroeconomic enviornment has stabilised. While the biggest immediate worry in the West is a double-dip, we do not think it will happen. Meanwhile, the balance of econ ...[ Read More ]

Dubai. Not a disaster zone, just normal (September 2009) | Economics
by IAFM Research

There has been much lament in the press recently about the global economic crisis, and some particular focus on Dubai as an economy. Dubai was the superstar of economic development in the last decade, where from the late 90s Dubai was hailed as the premier example of growth, entrepreneurism and capitalism. From a sleepy airline hub ‘somewhere in the Middle-East’ to arguably the most important financial and trading centre in the Gulf region, Dubai came from almost total obscurity to a global economic sensation overnight. ...[ Read More ]

In Gold We Trust (February 2009) | Economics
by Michael Preiss

On the back of the U.S. dollar it says:  “In God We Trust”.

For far-sighted and risk averse investors however, increasingly it is: "In Gold We Trust".

...[ Read More ]

The inmates had taken over the asylum (October 2008) | Economics
by Prof. Brett King


With the recent collapse of Lehman Brothers, the bail-out and rescue package from the US government for AIG, the EU rescue package, Merrill’s sale and so forth, many are asking if the full impact of sub-prime is still to be felt. Learned commentators like George Soros have said that the worst may be yet to come depending on how quickly the central banks and governments stay ahead of the crisis.

...[ Read More ]

Why the US dollar has fallen: Part 1 (June 2008) | Economics
by Martin Davies

If you want to boil a frog as the saying goes you put it into cold water and raise the temperature slowly for if you throw a cold frog into hot water it will leap out. The US dollar is such an animal and over the last few years there has been some speculation on the deprecating value of the dollar but such talk until lately seems to have been background noise.   Like our boiled frog, until the temperature raises too high no one notices, but in the last five years the US dollar has depreciated against the Euro by 35%. ...[ Read More ]

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