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The Dimensions of Risk - September 1998 (December 2006) | Risk Management
by Michael Vincent

This project was undertaken by Marc Kaemper, Marc has considerable experience in the area and he completed his studies by distance education. Invariably, crises are managed in a demanding environment of time pressure, lack of information, high stakes, emotion and stress. The purpose of the study was to investigate how stress affects crisis management performance in a tiered crisis management system. ...[ Read More ]

The Dimensions of Risk Management -September (December 2006) | Risk Management
by Michael Vincent

Majorie Riley, is a risk management practitioner from Western Australia, she is an experienced manager of risk and has worked with some major firms in several states. Her research project focused on disaster recovery and business resumption. Majorie believes that an outcome of recovery and contingency planning will be the facilitation of a rapid resumption of critical business operations. ...[ Read More ]

The Future of Risk Management - Educational Review Issues (December 2006) | Risk Management
by Michael Vincent

Other more formally recognised and defined professions are circling and seeking the chance to claim the mantle of risk managers. This can happen if we do not set a pathway to the attainment of formally recognised professional status. If we fail and the other professions succeed then companies potentially lose out because the full application of the risk umbrella is not implemented; rather a methodology is implemented that represents the winning parasitic discipline rather than the holistic risk management approach. ...[ Read More ]

Risk Management – The need for formal education (December 2006) | Risk Management
by Michael Vincent

Risk management is the ability to identify, measure and finance the risks facing an entity in an effective way to ensure corporate growth and survival. ...[ Read More ]

Creating the pathway for corporate change (December 2006) | Risk Management
by Michael Vincent

Risk is moving up the corporate agenda because of compliance issues, business risk is a matter of judgment and perspective, different stakeholders in a business see the approach to risk and its management differently. Risk and its management must be seen as a positive for a business as well as a potential negative. Too often we tend to dwell on the negatives and at times therefore missed opportunities abound. ...[ Read More ]

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