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Understanding the Beta Principle: A Brief introduction to Risk Management in International Markets. (August 2007) | Risk Management
by George L. Salis

The only permanent and most significant constant inherent in all investing, is risk.  We all enjoy our return on investment, as we all like to win and multiply our holdings, yet few investors, whether domestic or international, really understand the nature of risk.  Risk is an intrinsic element in all markets.  Regardless where one invests, or the type of investment made, the element of risk is always present.  Risk can be characterised as that "measurable" possibility of losing or not gaining value [or profit].  This is significant because risk has to be distinguished from uncertainty, which cannot be measured at all.   It is also more than just a mere "chance of return, as a chance is an un-measurable possibility, whether accidental or incidental, in the strictest sense of the term for our investment purpose.  ...[ Read More ]

Sovereign risk re-defined: A new analysis of an old dilemma (August 2007) | Risk Management
by George L. Salis

The new world stage – an era of compliance “…Our world has just changed, and our economy will certainly shift with it, in just a few days, our lives too will different - quickly, let’s get to work…” ...[ Read More ]

Introduction to the World of Risk in the Modern Context (April 2007) | Risk Management
by Michael Vincent

Have you wondered why the words ‘risk management’ are heard so widely today?  Have you considered what can be achieved with an understanding of the term?  Indeed, is the term used or misused in today’s business world? ...[ Read More ]

Risk Thinking – a living appreciation process (December 2006) | Risk Management
by Michael Vincent

The management of risk requires a disciplined thinking approach that eventually becomes a subliminal activity of the individual. In order to translate from a conscious activity to a sub-conscious activity it must be disciplined and allow replication of process to the point of habit. How then do we create a habit that still allows us to identify and manage risk in a proactive and positive way without creating a template solution to problem solving? ...[ Read More ]

The Dimensions of Risk (December 2006) | Risk Management
by Michael Vincent

During the eighties the world passed to the young and bypassed the old. The definition of young and old in today's world is probably around forty. On the other hand because of anti discrimination legislation we are in the process of phasing out the compulsion of retirement ...[ Read More ]

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