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Debt-ceiling crisis and how to position your portfolio (August 2011) | Markets
by Michael Preiss

Aug 2 is the official deadline for the US debt ceiling. If the debt ceiling is not raised, the US could potentially default on some its debt obiligations and suffer a ratings downgrade.

Until ...[ Read More ]

Investing in the third super-cycle (August 2011) | Markets
by Michael Preiss

As we approach 2011, the global macro economic environment has stabilised. While the biggest immediate worry in the West is a double-dip, we do not think it will happen. Meanwhile, the balance of e ...[ Read More ]

What end of QE2 means for your investment portfolio (July 2011) | Markets
by Michael Preiss

On the back of US dollar it says:"In God We Trust". For many investors, however, US dollar weakness and quantitative easing (QE) meant:"In Gold We Trust."

Gold reached an ...[ Read More ]

Risk aversion rising (July 2011) | Markets
by Michael Preiss

Recent equity market weakness seems to have caught some investors by surprise. The end of QE2 on June 30, as outlined in a previous column here, has significant implications for global financial ma ...[ Read More ]

No longer a nation in waiting (March 2011) | Markets
by Michael Preiss

The time for Indonesia has finally arrived and investors increasingly seem to take notice

INDONESIA is the world's sixth best performing stock market year to date, with about 30 pe ...[ Read More ]

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