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HR Practitioners - Change Your Thinking or Risk Irrelevance

By Hanan Gamali

18 June, 2015

The Human Resources function in many organisations is considered by line managers to be "custodians of the personnel records".   This is because many HR practitioners seem not to realise the need to align HR to the overall corporate strategic objectives. In some cases this has led to part, and in some cases all, of the HR function being outsourced.  The message is clear.  Think strategically or become irrelevant.

Human Resources is currently under tremendous pressure to create a more productive, and results oriented workforce, and to measure its impact on business results with better, smarter, faster and leaner performance.

HR needs to step up its performance to meet the continually changing demands and expectations of business.  However, for HR to really step up its performance and change how the function is perceived by its major stake holders, HR must be more strategic in its approach to transformation, rather than just making adhoc restructures and renaming of its functions.

Businesses also need to recognize that keeping HR in the background is a business problem. However it is the role of HR to build a business case for the transformation and to ensure executive management sponsorship.

HR Transformation is about driving business results.

The Solution!
We have developed a workshop that will guide HR professionals through the steps involved in HR transformation and assist them to understand what good HR transformation looks like, how to link HR core processes to overall business strategy, and the role the culture of your organization plays in achieving success.

Participants will also understand the key enablers of successful HR transformation, and the common drivers for implementing HR Shared Service Centers, and the advantages and disadvantages.

By the conclusion of this program workshop participants will have better understanding of  ‘best fit’ HR Transformation and how HR can make the transition to a value adding strategic partner and the necessary strategies to ensure your HR function adds value to its organizations’ in terms of ability to attract, service and retain its customers and investors.

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