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The IABFM continues to expand its membership base and the number of training programs it runs annually. Last year we increased the number of programs significantly and, at this stage, by the end of 2014 we will have added 40% more programs compared to 2013. This is a result of the excellent efforts of our business partners globally.

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Why Get Certified?

Boost your salary with IABFM certification

Our programs are designed with a primary focus on Return on Human Capital and the flexibility to adjust to your staff, organization and customers.

Differentiate yourself, fast-track your career, enhance your skills, or upgrade your pay grade.

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Tailored Training

IABFM provides customized tailored training in-house to companies for your employees, but with the advantage of a recognized global qualification.

The true advantage of IABFM in-house training lies in the client and audience specific relevance of the professional development effort.

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Partner with IABFM

Be a part of our globally growing network

IABFM recognizes the importance of developing and harvesting partnerships around the world that help customers transform into a managed, efficient and predictable business process.

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Latest IABFM News & Members Events

20 July, 2015 Family Owned Businesses

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17 June, 2015 Breaking News - IABFM on the Move

With our continuing expansion the IABFM is opening new offices in a number of locations, either as standalone offices, or in conjunction with some of our business partners.  Most recently we have relocated our Hong ... More info

Ms. Heba H. El-KasarMember Highlight "I believe that continuous development & improvement is crucial and this is the tool to do so."

Ms. Heba H. El-Kasar CORM, PCRS, CCO, CRS CI Capital Holding

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LEORON Professional Development Institute LEORON Professional Development Institute is a leading company specialized in... Click here for details

Benefits of Certification of Companies

Our Internationally Accredited and Certified programs focus on providing professionals, industry experts and highly qualified individuals with the most updated and practical skills and competencies through continuous training in their respective areas of expertise.

Through our extensive expertise in Financial Management, Risk, HR, Operations, Business and Strategy, IABFM ensures that our management certificates impact the career of professionals and help companies to improve their operations and increase their overall profitability.

Why choose IABFMTM Certification?

The IABFM Certifications demonstrates your high level achievement of standards in skills, professional knowledge and best practice in your corporate role:

  1. Help you earn credibility and respect in your company.
  2. Open more opportunities for advancement.
  3. Increase your salary. Certified professionals earn up to 18% more than their non-certified peers.
  4. Demonstrate your commitment to your profession.
  5. Advance your skills and knowledge
  6. Represent your personal achievement.
  7. Build confidence in your own knowledge of the profession.

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Excellent course. Your enthusiasm and subject knowledge were superb. You made learning fun and participative. James Smith
The speaker was clear and presentations were well mixed with fun, humour and interaction that he kept us awake all the time. Ernest Mbuzahoze
Gary is a wonderful, knowledgeable and very good facilitator. Walter Awinda
Knowledge of Project Management Process and components fun and exciting. Victoria Nelson
Gary had a vast knowledge of various fields of expertise and his lectures were informative. Samuel Kagoda
The speaker has demonstrated exceptional knowledge and skills in presenting the subject matter. John Matau
I now have the confidence and self determination to manage any project. Jacquline Moshi
Better leadership skills and understanding of the role of a PM Joseph Kamau

Partnership Opportunities for Providers

International Academy of Business and Financial Management seeks International Partners / Country Level Conference Organisers to sustain and promote the phenomenal international growth we are experiencing. For more information on Partnership opportunities, please CLICK HERE.

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